We have shot, edited and produced digital and television ads for governor’s races, state senate races, ballot measures, restaurants, law firms, non-profit organizations and more. Because we limit the number of clientele we take on, we’re able to produce high-quality content quickly.

High Impact Video

High impact video ads are important to companies and political campaigns because they have the potential to reach and engage large audiences in a memorable and emotional way. Video ads allow companies to showcase their products and services, and to tell their brand story in a more dynamic and impactful manner than static images or text. For political campaigns, video ads are a powerful tool for communicating a message, building a narrative, and differentiating a candidate from their opponents.

Video ads can be targeted to specific demographics and interests, making them a highly effective way to reach and influence potential customers or voters. The combination of visual and audio elements in video ads can help to capture the attention of viewers and leave a lasting impression, increasing the chances of them taking action, such as making a purchase or supporting a candidate. Overall, high impact video ads can be a crucial part of a comprehensive marketing or campaign strategy.

winsome sears for lieutenant governor

Want a campaign video highlighting your achievements while capturing the audience’s attention? Check out this video example accomplishing exactly that!

paul gosar for congress

Congressman Gosar wanted a hard hitting campaign video highlighting his key issues in an enticing message that also conveys his relationship with President Trump. This video is an amazing example of what we can do for our clients!

Sapoa for vote no on prop b

The San Antonio Police Officer’s Association needed a campaign video that showed the urgency and severity of the “Defund The Police” movement. 

Sam Peters for Congress

A good campaign video captures the candidate’s voice while staying on message and maintaining the audience’s attention. Check out this video as an example of some of our finest work in doing so. 

Sam Peters for Congress

An engaging campaign video will captivate the audience’s attention while still being able to deliver the core message. This video is both exciting and informational, allowing for better name recognition and awareness. Check out this video we produced in 2022.


Michele Fiore wanted a video that focused on hyper localization to connect with her fellow Nevadans. This video does a perfect job of summing up what she’s done for Nevadans, what she plans to do in the future, and includes authentic scenes that were filmed locally. Check out how we did it in this video shot in 2022.


Getting a video to go viral can be difficult. Michele Fiore took the internet by storm with this video getting TONS of earned media from this one video! Want to find out how we make videos that get this kind of traction? Click the link below and find out!

ed cabrera for congress

Ed wanted a video that that highlighted significant statistics about the region he was seeking to represent, while also sharing a a heartwarming origin story to explain why he believes what he believes.

jim marchant for congress

Jim wanted an attack video against his opponent highlighting the extramarital affairs and taxpayer funded gifts that a mistress was receiving. This video hits hard, and reveals the true character in a message that was very influential as a tool for informing the perspectives of Independent and Democrat voters.

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