We have shot, edited and produced digital and television ads for governor’s races, state senate races, ballot measures, restaurants, law firms, non-profit organizations and more. Because we limit the amount of clientele we take on, we’re able to produce high-quality content quickly.

High Impact Video

Sam Peters for Congress

A good campaign video will captivate the audience’s attention while still being able to deliver the core message. This video is both exciting and informational allowing for better name recognition and awareness. Check out this video we produced in 2022.


Michele Fiore wanted a video that focused on hyper localization to connect with her fellow Nevadans. This video does a perfect job of summing up what she’s done for Nevadans, what she plans to do in the future, and has video that was locally shot. Check out how we did it in this video shot in 2022.


Getting a video to go viral can be difficult. Michele Fiore took the internet by storm with this video getting TONS of earned media from this one video! Want to find out how we make videos that get this kind of traction? Click the link below and find out!

Sam Peters for Congress

A good campaign video captures the candidates’ voice while staying on message and maintaining the audience’s attention. Check out this video as an example of some of our finest work in doing so. 

Mauro Garza for Congress

Want to bring change to your community? Want to stand for what you believe in and stand for your community? We will make a campaign video that does just that. Check out this video we produced in June 2021.

Nebraska Senator Thibodeau

Nebraska Senator Theresa Thibodeau hired us with just weeks left in her campaign.  In October of an election year, the market is flooded with political content — the question was how do we get someone to stop scrolling to watch our ad?

Friess for Wyoming Governor

The Friess for Governor campaign needed a powerful response to incoming attack ads.  Our team delivered this in less than 12 hours.

Winsome Sears for Lt. Governor

Trying to tell a story with a video? Our award winning team will use state of the art technology to produce the highest quality and best edited video for your campaign.


Shine-A-Light is a charity that provides outreach services to the homeless living in the tunnels under Las Vegas, an experience completely unrelatable to most.  How do you communicate that experience?

Dave Gowan for Arizona Senate

Outspent, and an enemy of Phoenix special interests, how did David Gowan claim a powerful victory both in the primary and general elections? Impactful, quick turnaround media.

Craig Mueller and Associates

What separates your law firm from the dozens of others in Las Vegas? Your experience? Your mentality? How do you communicate that to potential clients.

Brothers In Recovery

Freedom House and Freedom Behavioral Health asked us to help tell the story of how their programs helped change the lives of two young men.


Jay Block asked us for a video that would resonate with his target audience in New Mexico and that’s exactly what we delivered. Want to find out how? Click the link below and find out!

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