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For decades political and corporate marketing has been dominated by country club members in blue blazers and khaki pants.   

For decades it’s failed, miserably. 

22 years ago, Steve Jobs released an ad called “Think Different.” 

Jobs told us, “Here’s to the crazy ones.  The rebels.  The troublemakers.  The round pegs in the square holes.  The ones who see things differently.  They’re not fond of rules.  And they have no respect for the status quo.”

Meet our rebels with no respect for the status quo. 

Rory McShane LLC


Ed McShane LLC


Ryan McShane LLC


Woodrow McShane LLC


Wyatt McShane


Chris Johnson




Rory McShane

Rory McShane is a political and media consultant originally from Maryland. Rory has managed or advised political campaigns, corporations, initiatives in twenty-seven states and has lived in six.

Rory’s political clientele has included members of Congress, statewide Constitutional Officers, state legislators, county and municipal officials, political action committees, and multiple successful ballot initiatives.  In 2016, Rory was part of a successful effort to change the state constitutions of Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota to provide more rights to victims of violent crimes.  In 2018, Rory’s firm McShane LLC brought home 22 victories, with political clients in 10 states.

His political success has led Rory to teach classes on political campaigning in Canada and all across the United States. Rory has been on the record with dozens of media outlets across the country, and is a regular analyst for Fox News, the LA Times, New York Post, Politico and more.  Rory is also a leading contributor to Campaigns and Elections magazine. Never shying away from controversy for his clients, Breitbart News said one of McShane’s campaigns, “went full troll and stunned Virginia politics.”

Edward Williams

Ed comes to us after building a successful web development business, a term as Chairman of the Republican Party of Clark County, Nevada, and IT Director of the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York. He doesn’t like to talk about it but he also won an Emmy.

Ryan Neel

Before joining the McShane team, Ryan was a registered lobbyist in Texas that worked on lobbying, bill analysis, and legislative strategy. Ryan brings the McShane team over a decade of experience in managing, consulting, messaging, and grassroots work. Most recently he managed Senator Pat Fallon’s decisive victory over a 17 year incumbent.

Woodrow Johnston

A graduate of RNC Campaign Management College and Honorary Texan. Woodrow recently worked for Congressional Leadership Fund to re-elect Congressman Will Hurd, one of only three Republicans who won a Democratic district in 2018. He’s also advised ballot measures and municipal candidates to victories in multiple states.

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is a born and raised Las Vegas native. Chris is certified in more Google tools than we knew existed and joins the McShane team with 7 years of corporate marketing experience. He has a gift with and a passion for technology and it shows in his mastery of digital advertising.

In addition to serving our corporate marketing clients, Chris will be working with our web development team to maximize search engine optimization and engagement rates for our political clients.

Wyatt Metzger

Wyatt wanted an appointment to West Point so in high school, he volunteered for Congressman Jim Gerlach. While he attended Grove City College, he studied political science. Following his time there he worked for the Leadership Institute helping to establish student groups like Turning Point USA, Young Americans for Liberty, and Young Americans for Freedom.
Wyatt brings the McShane LLC team years of experience as a field director for conservative causes in Wisconsin, Montana, Colorado, Texas, and the Pennsylvania GOP.

Wyatt’s family in Reading, PA owns a brewery and he is a certified apprentice brewer. For some reason, he still likes the Philadelphia Flyers.

Fred McClure

Fred joins the McShane team with a wealth of graphic design knowledge and experience in his career. He has worked in the newspaper, promotions, movie, advertising, non-profit, radio, gaming and magazine industries over the years since relocating to Las Vegas from Southern California to escape the traffic and taxes. He enjoys golf and local sporting events.

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