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Campaigns are about finding the thousands of voters you need to win, and only paying to talk to them. The only problem is they’re hidden among millions people, devices, and platforms. We believe in putting as much lead as few targets as possible. 

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Christi Jacobsen

Montana Secretary of State

One of the best decisions I made was hiring the McShane team as my general consultant and media strategist. First, they helped me win my primary election defeating the establishment favorite, then they helped me win the general election, where I won with the largest margin of any Secretary of State since 1988 and the largest margin of any Montana statewide candidate in the 2020 election.

Dr. Paul Gosar

Congressman (AZ-04)

McShane LLC are professionals who are capable of long term strategy and operations alone or short term emergency assistance to your existing team if you need more bandwidth. They helped get a great outcome for my primary.

John Gillespie

Tennessee State Representitve

McShane was a crucial part of our media and voter contract strategy. They were creative, responsive, aggressive, and most importantly used data to help devise the plan. For the second election in a row, McShane helped keep Tennessee’s ‘fighting 97th’ district in Republican hands

Andy Matthews

Nevada State Assemblyman

The entire McShane team brought a level of talent, attentiveness, and professionalism to our campaign, especially through their work spearheading our digital communications and advertising, that proved to be a critical factor in our win.

Michael J. McDonald

Chairman, Nevada Republican Party

I work with the McShane team all the time, they’re a key part of our plan for this election — nationally and here in Nevada to turn our state red again

Jeff Hays

Chairman, Colorado Republican Party

The McShane LLC guys were great to work with! Not only did they continue to offer competitive pricing, but their execution and attention to details on text messaging was very precise. They helped allow the Colorado GOP to connect to voters in such a valuable way.

Minnesota Republican Party

MNGOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan

McShane has been an incredible partner for the Republican Party of Minnesota as we work to increase our digital fundraising and engagement efforts ahead of the 2020 election. They have been instrumental in assisting our state party in list growth, grassroots support and increased fundraising across our digital platforms. We are grateful for their advice, quick actions, and expertise as we grow our digital efforts that will be a big part of our success in 2020.

Cresent Hardy

U.S. Congressman (NV-04)

During my campaign, Ed Williams (McShane LLC’s Digital Director) ran an incredible, well-targeted field program and made sure our data was solid and actionable. Hardworking and trustworthy political operatives like Ed are hard to find.

Scott Gessler

Colorado Secretary of State

I have worked with Rory McShane and his team for more than 6 years in candidate races, ballot initiatives, and political committees. Without hesitation, I can recommend Rory McShane. He works harder than anyone I know in politics, he produces creative ideas, and most importantly his practical focus gets results. Without hesitation, I can recommend Rory McShane. He is not merely a consultant, but also a trusted friend.

Steve Montenegro

Arizona State Senator

I hired McShane LLC as a consultant. Their work was accurate, insightful and they always bring solutions to the table. Most importantly though, Rory and his team have put up signs with me, made calls with me, and prayed with me. They’re more than consultants, they’re members of the team.

Our Record

McShane LLC emerged from the 2018 cycle with political, corporate and non-profit clients in more than a dozen states, taking home 22 victories in November.


Marsy’s Law for Montana
Marsy’s Law for North Dakota
Marsy’s Law for South Dakota
Marsy’s Law for Nevada
Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma
U.S. Senator Roger Wicker
Secretary of State Scott Gessler
Treasurer Dan Schwartz
Congressman Cresent Hardy
Congressman Ralph Norman
Congressman William Timmons (Super PAC)
Congressman Van Taylor
State Senator J.B. Jennings
State Senator David Gowan
State Senator Eddie Farnsworth
State Senator Paul Boyer
State Senator Sine Kerr

State Senator Theresa Thibodeau
State Senator Steve Montenegro
State Senator Robert Mills
State Senator Wayne Wallingford
State Senator Rod Woodward (Super PAC)
State Representative Kim Coleman
State Representative-Elect Dennis Hof
State Representative David Smith
State Representative Jim Marchant
State Representative Jim Coley
State Representative Mark White
State Representative Kathy Swan
State Representative Chris Hurt
State Representative Pat McDonough
State Representative Hardy Billington
State Representative Richard McArthur
State Representative Leo Biasiucci

State Representative Ben Toma
State Representative Warren Petersen
State Representative Travis Grantham
State Representative David Stringer
State Representative Kelly Townsend
State Representative Philip Singleton (Super PAC)
State’s Attorney Wes Adams
Circuit Judge Mike Fagras
Great Judges for a Great Colorado
City Councilman At-Large Savid Oh
City Councilor Scott Black
Keep Your Job in Grand Junction
Colorado Freedom IEC
Better Jobs Coalition
Cardinal House
Chairman Corey Stewart

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