Corporate Marketing

Our team has worked for corporations and non-profits in Nevada, Utah, Minnesota, Texas, and California. Our clientele has ranged from law firms, addiction treatment centers, public-private partnerships, restaurants, landscaping companies and more. We help them define what they believe in, tell their story, and find others who believe in their goals. We help our corporate clients with public relations, advertising, and branding.

Jon Banning

President & Founder, JTB Landscapers

I would absolutely highly recommend McShane LLC. They do all of my video content and redid my website and all of my Facebook and Google campaigns. They are highly efficient and effective in marketing.

Robert White

CEO & Founder, Any Length Retreat

We use Rory and his team for Facebook advertising, website launches, Google AdWords, marketing ideas, and most importantly as a sounding board for guidance in decisions we make as a company. Rory goes above and beyond with what he is asked to do and we are grateful to have him on our team.

Jeff Iverson

CEO, Freedom Behavioral Health

Rory and the team at McShane LLC are fun to work with, passionate about their work and get great results. Thanks, guys!

Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America hired the McShane team to run our independent expenditure efforts from targeting races, to crafting messages and strategy, ad creation, and implementation of radio, digital, voter contact, and text messages. With McShane’s help, 9 of the candidates, we supported achieved victory. -John Velleco

Ricky Vasquez

Partner, Cardinal House

McShane LLC was attentive to detail, desires, and suggestions as we worked together to build our product.

Our Record

McShane LLC emerged from the 2018 cycle with political, corporate and non-profit clients in more than a dozen states, taking home 20 victories in November.

Getting From “Why” To “How”

Customers, donors, and clients don’t buy your product. They buy into your motivation. The next logical question is how does an organization define their motivation, how does an organization define their ethos?

Then, how does an organization communicate that through everything they do? Their brand.  

Then, how does an organization get people to care about that, from the press to potential stakeholders, investors, donors and customers?

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